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Don't Listen To A Word I Say

Title: Don't Listen To A Word I Say
Author: agirlnamedtruth
Artist: aaweth_edain
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur with background Gwen/Leon and Merlin/Percival, past Arthur/Gwen and Gwaine/Percival.
Characters: Merlin, Arthur, Percival, Gaius, Gwen and Leon.
Rating: R (for thematic reasons)
Word Count: ~50k
Warnings: Canon 5x13 character deaths, grief, near death experience, temporary character deaths (including one self-inflicted temporary death), ideation of death, explicit language, explicit descriptions of violence and war, general angst.
Summary: You're gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear. All that's left is the ghost of you. Now we're torn, torn, torn apart, there's nothing we can do. Just let me go, we'll meet again soon. Now wait, wait, wait for me, please hang around. I'll see you when I fall asleep. - Post 5x13 fic where Merlin can't let go of Arthur and convinced that Camelot need is greatest, Merlin accidentally brings him back using the Horn of Cathbad. However, once he's back, it's Arthur than can't move on.
Author's notes: My first and sadly, last Paper Legends attempt. Boy, was it something. I couldn't have possibly pulled it off without the help of Thursday (xthursdaynextx), my long standing, long suffering beta. She deserves all the awards. Also, even though she barely knows anything about the fic, I have to thank my friend Emma (weekendgothgirl) for listening to me rant, rave and cry about this fic. She was in equal parts responsible for keeping me on track and distracting me from it. I'd also like to thank my artist aaweth_edain for taking me on so late in the game even though they have more than enough work on their plate. Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work of the_muppet and a special thanks for letting me switch dates. This fic was based off of this KMM prompt (although there is no kinkiness to speak of in the fic, a first for me) and inspired heavily by the song Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. Without those two things, I wouldn't have made it this far. And finally, thank you to fic_rush, marathoning just isn't the same without those guys!
Artist's notes: Hi! I hope you like my art for this story and I hope you like the story in general. It was a lot of fun making. I fear Merlin looks funny in one of them (the group one with Percival and Gwen). I don't know what happened there. As usual, I did the art with ink and colored pencil.
Story link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/967611
Art link: http://aaweth-edain.livejournal.com/25487.html
Disclaimer: The Merlin sandbox belongs to Shine and the BBC, I just play in it while they are out doing other things. No profit whatsoever has been made by this fic.
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such stars as sworn to shield the sky

Title: such stars as sworn to shield the sky
Author: etharei
Artist: xsilverdreamsx
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: M
Word Count: 66k
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: A tale of two worlds.

Author's notes: A world of thanks to xsilverdreamsx for the fantastic artwork, cheerleading, beta-reading, and general handholding ♥ Thanks also to our amazing twitter support group: janesgravity, i_bleed_magenta, and Jodie ♥

Special thanks to the_muppet for organizing yet another awesome big bang ♥

A big hug and thank you to Deminos, who gave me the initial idea for this fic. Sorry it didn't quite turn out the way we first planned! Also a warm shout-out to all the lovely people at the paperpushers chat ♥

Artist's notes: The poster created for this fic was sort of a homage to Star Wars, which is one of Rei's favorite film series. I apologize for the lack of art for rest of Rei's amazing space AU, though! I wish my art did justice to her fic, but unfortunately due to RL issues, I could not finish some of the other pieces we had planned in our brainstorming sessions. However, once I get my stuff sorted out, I'll add those pieces here after they're completed.

Story link: Story on AO3

Art link: Art on LJ

Disclaimer: My artist and I may be soulbonded but, alas, we do not own Merlin.



Title: Dragonscape
Author: lasermignon
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, other canon pairings in background
Rating: PG-13/R
Word Count: 80,000
Warnings: violence, some gore, sexual situations, loose handling of canon, [Spoiler (click to open)]major character death: temporary, minor character deaths, mainly off-screen

Summary: Not much is known about the blue sun, Assetir; even less of its ninth planet, an unnamed gas giant. But the moon which orbited the gas giant is well-documented in contemporary chronicles. It was called Ealdor by its inhabitants. Its mass, its irregular shape, its composition bore evidence of a darker truth. Ealdor was not simply a moon; it was formed out of the remains of a dead Dragon.

It is said that a Dragon cannot survive without a Dragonlord. The Great Dragon, being the greatest of them all, persevered. When it could no longer endure, it travelled to Assetir, where a Dragonlord lived in exile, and made its call.

Meanwhile, in the town of Camelot, the Great Dragon's people lived in ignorance of the new Dragonlord who had appeared among them and set a series of events in motion which would challenge everything they knew of the world they lived in.

His name: Merlin.

Author's notes: many thanks to my tireless beta, kestrelsparhawk for all the work and virtual hand-holding she did on this fic. My cheerleader, crimsonswirls, without whom I might have given up after the first 10k. And thank you to the_muppet for allowing me to participate.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction based on the Merlin series owned by BBC and Shine. No profit is made off it.

AO3 link here

LJ: master list
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4
part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8

Thank you all!

Title: No One Even Knows
Author: Kay Drew and Numb3rsfan
Artist: haezofdaust
Pairings/characters:This is hard because there is reincarnation involved! Arthur/OFC, Merlin/OMC, Pace, Louis, Gareth, Lex, and Elam, and Calvin Styles
Rating: Not quite M
Word Count: 40,198
Warnings: Sex, violence, mild gore, same-sex relationship, cursing, character deaths.
Summary: For 1,500 years, Merlin has waited for Arthur to return. In that time many things have changed. The world is now a dystopian ruled by a dictator. Can things change? Will Merlin and Arthur’s destiny ever be fulfilled?
Author's notes:

Kay:  This story was quite a surprise. It started out as an adventure story set after Arthur’s death. Then, at the suggestion of my cheerleader, alby_mangroves, it became a dystopian story. The story went through an evolution. I wasn’t expecting the pairings that were invented and a lot of things that happened within the 40K written surprised me. I want to thank Alby for cheering me on and sympathizing with me when I thought I would not finish it in time. I want to thank haezofdaust for such awesome art! I never imagined how brilliant the pieces would be. I also want to thank one of my best friends, Numb3rsfan, for helping me with this story. She is awesome! Thank youthe_muppet for such a wonderful experience and for accepting my 17K at the final check in and for allowing me to post this on my birthday (it means a lot!). Finally, thank you bluemoondreamer for beta-ing my story. Thank you for making me laugh at some of my errors as well as making all the suggestions.

Numb3rsfan: I wish to thank my good friend Kay for inviting me to join in on this wonderful piece of work! It certainly was different, but none the less it was a pleasure to work on it with her. I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I have!

Artist's notes: See Artist’s page
Story link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/968152/chapters/1900850
Art link: http://haezofdaust.livejournal.com/1662.html
Disclaimer: Merlin does not belong to any of us; it belongs to Shine and all who created the series.
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In The Flesh

Title: In The Flesh
Author: prplhez8
Artist: madenessisreal
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: M
Word Count: 30k
Warnings: (Warnings for major character death (it is a zombie story after all) and mentions of emotional/physical abuse)
Summary: (Fic loosely based on the BBC's series In The Flesh)

It starts and ends with a mix tape.

Merlin is just a normal teenager with a normal mom, dad and sister when he falls in love with his best friend. Problem is, his best friend's dad is Uther Pendragon, and he doesn't find Merlin normal at all. It's not long before Arthur's sent far away from Merlin to join the military. It's not long before Arthur dies, either.

Merlin can't cope without his best friend.

Three years later, the dead mysteriously rise from their graves -- Merlin and Arthur among them. Thrown back together under trying circumstances, and with Uther looming large over the town, can Merlin and Arthur pick up where they left off? Perhaps more importantly with the Human Volunteer Force out to destroy all zombies, friend or foe, will they get the chance to find out?

Author's notes: First and foremost, I’d love to thank all of my cheerleaders/beta: carolinmescalin who cheered and cheered and cheered and beta’d this thing without complaint (well nothing besides MORE MORE MORE) and chaosmaka who is an angel.

Secondly, my partner in crime, madnessisreal! She made all of the lovely art and chapter dividers that you see. A writer can only do so much to bring a story to life and she has made some amazing illustrations that just adds another layer to our story. Bless you and THANK YOU! <3!

Thirdly, thanks to the_muppet for letting us play in her playground again this year and for being just THE BEST!

And lastly, but not leastly, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this journey. This is my first and last paperlegends and I can honestly say that it’s been a roller coaster (right up to the very last second).

Artist's notes: I'm feeling quite sad right now cause this is sort of my goodbye to the Merlin Fandom:( I thought it fitting to do one last Paperlegends since it's the last one. I've been in denial for the past year but I think it really is over for me. Thank you to everyone who makes this fandom a happy place!<333 Thank you Hez for reminding me why I loved this fandom in the first place! Now, go read the story people! You're gonna love it!

Story link: Story on AO3

Art link: Art on LJ

Disclaimer: Neither my lovely artist nor myself own Merlin.
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(no subject)

Title: Do not go (Gentle)
Author: blostma
Artist: haezofdaust
Pairings/characters: Ygraine/Uther; Nimueh/Aredian; Kara/Mordred; Merlin/Morgana; Gwen/Arthur; Gaius, Gwaine, Cornelius Sigan, Freya, Will, Lancelot
Rating: T
Word Count: ~40k
Warnings: Major Character Death, torture, mental abuse, child abuse, suicidal thoughts

Summary: Haunted by memories of his wife’s death and the Last Stand of the Dragons, Uther captures his destined doom, Emrys, and binds his magic. He thinks nothing of making him Arthur’s manservant in an attempt to humiliate the magic race, but as Merlin grows weaker and increasingly unstable, is this truly the wisest course of action?

Author's notes: I would like to thank the_muppet for holding this amazing challenge for the past few years. I can’t imagine the amount of time, energy, and work that goes into organizing and holding a challenge like this.

Without haezofdaust, the wonderful artwork for this fiction would never have been created. Whilst I asked for just a few drawings and perhaps a banner, she did much more than I asked. Her encouraging words and weekly updates really motivated me.

I want to profusely thank the lovely CaptainOzone who beta’d this fiction. She helped me along this hard path and kept nudging me, occasionally giving me the boot if I procrastinated. Without her, I wouldn’t have found the joy in writing again, and this fiction would not have been born.

And lastly, but not least, I want to thank everyone in the paperlegends and theheartofcamelot chatrooms.

You were all lovely. Thank you so much everyone! ღ

Artist's notes: Artist's notes.
Story link: Ao3
Art link: Art link.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the BBC Merlin.
Steampunk [clock watch]
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That Age-Old Lament

Title: That Age-Old Lament
Author: dk323
Artist: superfluous_emi
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, Hunith/OC, Mordred/OC, Gwen/Lancelot, Gwaine, Freya, Morgana
Rating: R
Word Count: 64,160
Minor character death, prostitution and underage sex, attempted non-con of 14-year old (involving OC), OC contemplating suicide (doesn’t go through with it), infidelity, unwilling possession
Weeks after Merlin reveals his magic to Arthur, Merlin is frustrated when Arthur keeps him waiting about what he plans to do with Merlin and the magic ban in Camelot. Leaving Camelot to investigate a powerful magical feeling, Merlin doesn’t expect to reunite with a now grown-up Mordred. Or that he’d be looking after a Faery-possessed five-year old blond boy, and venturing into the Faery Realm. With Merlin away, Arthur is trapped in his own castle by an aging spell cast by a spiteful Morgana. Merlin seeks help from the King of the Faery Realm's Thistlewood to cure Arthur. Unfortunately his plea for aid has unforeseen consequences.
Author's notes:
First, I want to give a very big Thank You to the_muppet for running this challenge these past four years. You're amazing with how smoothly you run this challenge. Your excellent modship will be missed. :( I appreciate your willingness to accommodate when this story didn't want to cooperate with me. You're a star. :)

Also, thank you so much to my amazing artist, superfluous_emi. I'm in awe of your beautiful work that you drew for this story. You're a true art wizard. Each art piece inspired me and motivated me to continue writing. I'd like to thank my betas: rotrude, aaweth_edain, kleinefee92 and tu_es_mi_amour.  Thank you for your support and invaluable feedback! Your advice was very helpful and helped me to reevaluate certain scenes of the story.

Artist's notes: Available at Artist's Masterpost.
Story link: AO3 (Two Chapters) | LJ Masterpost
Art link: Artist's Masterpost :) (LJ) | On AO3
Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to Shine and BBC. I make no profit from this endeavor.

(no subject)

Title: The Mystery Boy
Author: wawrthur
Artist: heroiclatte
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, Original Male Character, Gwen/Lance (hinted), Gwaine, Morgana, Uther, Gaius, Alice.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 94289
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Self-harm, Suicide Ideation, BDSM themes, Homeless, Prostitution, (read additional warnings on ao3)

Having escaped Uther's tyranny, Arthur only needs to survive, free and alone, until his twenty-first birthday whereupon he will recieve the inheritance his mother left for him and be forever free of his father's rule. But the path is not smooth. While on the run, he meets Merlin, the strange art student who sees his suffering and tries to help him heal his old wounds

This is literally 70% porn, 20% pain, 7% music and 3% plot but if you are going through a harsh time, it might just be what you are looking for.

Author's notes:

I would like to express my eternal gratitude to darkravenwrote for brit-picking, betaing, being there with me every step of the way and being the incredibly kind, patient and lovely human being. I would never have done this without her.

I also want to thank my brilliant, talented and utterly gracious artist heroiclatte who I was so lucky to work with. It's been a pleasure ;)

Infinitely many thanks for the support go to ZairA (who also betaed for me and basically helped me immensely, I'm so glad you agreed to do this for me bb :3), Deminos, Crimsonswrils, Rockn, K_nightfox and all the amazing people from the PL chat! It was so great to get to know you guys :) A special thanks for the help with art research goes to fuckyeah who has the best sense of humour I've ever seen in one person :)

I'd like to thank my friend who chose to stay anonymous for the great help with the technical side of writing this PL. She also is the author the art that is going to be posted as a link in the text. Thank you for everything :)

The idea of this story had been planted in my head by my Destiny who shall remain secret until she creates an LJ :)

Finally, I would like to thank the_muppet for being a patient, wonderful, cheerful mod and making this challenge so incredible.

Artist's notes: None
Story link: Read on AO3
Art link: Here
Disclaimer: The show and its characters belong to BBC and Shine.
Merlin - pendragon


Title: Awake
Author: corilannam
Artist: phoenixacid
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~50,000
Warnings: Some descriptions of war violence
Summary: King Arthur sleeps in Avalon, waiting to return at the hour of Albion's greatest need. But once a year he awakes and spends a single day with Merlin, who will never, ever leave him.

Author's notes: My first thanks has to go to my amazing artist phoenixacid, who not only created stunningly beautiful artworks for the story, but was also a constant source of support, patience, and encouragement. I am not exaggerating when I say that this story would not exist without her. I would have quit on it a long time ago except that I couldn't bear the thought of giving her up as my artist! So much thanks and love to you, bb. I'm really glad you picked me!

Thanks also go, as usual, to chelseafrew, anna_zee, and stellarmeadow. Without their advice, this story would have been one hell of a hot mess. Thanks as well to all my twitter, LJ, and DC buds for listening to me angst over this damn thing for a really long time. And finally, I must thank our flawless mod, the_muppet. Posting at the end means I have no unique superlatives left to give her, but we all know how much she means to this fandom. Thank you for your years of incredibly hard work and this last, spectacular fest! ♥

Artist's notes: Firstly, I'd like to give the biggest of thanks and squishes to my writer for giving me and my art a chance, and for always being there. Your fic is just absolutely beautiful and it gave me so many ideas; I wish I could have illustrated them all. I also have to thank the_muppet for her modly patience and for being awesome. We had an absolute blast (and a near coronary towards the end) with this whole endeavour and I hope you all will enjoy our efforts as much as we did. ♥
PS: There'll be one more finished art to be added to the fic soon.

Story link: Read on AO3
Art link: Masterpost of art and other links

Disclaimer: This particular incarnation of King Arthur and his beloved wizard Merlin are not our legal intellectual property. We make no money from their use. We did it all for looooooooove.
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Come Alive

Title: Come Alive
Author: kianspo
Artist: raideen9
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Lance, Gwaine, Elena, Morgana, Morgause, Leon, Owain, Percival
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~50k
Warnings: attempted sexual assault, non-consensual drug use, violence
Summary: Arthur Pendragon, the youngest Detective Inspector in Camelot, whose job is rumoured to be cursed, stumbles over a series of crimes no one can explain. Merlin Emrys, a constantly broke student working at a shady nightclub to pay the bills, comes in as a sketch artist - one with an unusual gift. The shadow of magic, supposedly eradicated centuries ago, makes things so much more dangerous for everyone. It's hardly a good time to fall in love.
Author's notes: Thank you so much my wonderful beta secret_chord25, my supernaturally talented artist raideen9, and the_muppet for being more patient with me than I could have hoped for throughout this entire mess. You guys rock! ♥
Artist's notes: My thanks to my so-awesome writer whose fic made me want to draw ALL the scenes (I probably would have tried too, but bah! Time constraints!). Also thanks so much to the_muppet for being so kind, and for making this last round of Paperlegends possible Also amphigoury and fuckyeah for looking this over and helping me fix things!
Story link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/966840
Art link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/966805
Disclaimer: The show and its characters belong to BBC and Shine.