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The Crystal's Call

Title: The Crystal's Call
Author: finem
Artist: savagesnakes
Pairings/Characters: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 58K+
Warnings: Some violence, sexual content, slash, military things, mission lingo, magic weapons, descriptions of painful things, Not british and no Brit-pick ^^;
Summary: Modern Magical AU. Merlin is missing and magic is fading. With the one person who can restore the balance out of reach, it’s up to Arthur and his men to uncover Uther’s plot to steal magic from sorcerers, and put a stop to it before it’s too late.

Author's Notes:
First off, this thing almost didn't get posted.  Some surprise things popped up that kept me from being able to post on my actual day (yesterday) and then AO3 decided it didn't like my formatting and KILLED all of my italics...or put them everywhere BUT where I wanted them to be.  Five hours later...It's finally ready.  Posted there, and now here.  IT HAPPENED!

That out of the way, I want to take a moment to thank those who made this thing possible. To my AMAZING beta roochipoochi who is totally not even into fandom but always makes the time to read through my stuff and offer critique. Thank you SO MUCH! You’re amazing, darling. I couldn’t have done it without you. Serious… To my phenomenal artist savagesnakes who offered her services to me and provided some frankly mind-blowing art. I’ll imbed it in the story at some point, but I’ll just link it for now. To my rock star cheerleader, uchimaki_always who has been just amazing support through all of this. Always there with a word of encouragement and an honest perspective of my chapters as they came. And of course, last but not least, to the_muppet who has given us years of fun and orderly floods of story. Thanks for keeping all of this running. It’s been an amazing ride, and sad as we all are to see it go, it’s definitely going out with a BANG!

Artist's Notes: (I'll add them if she has any ^^;)

Story link: At AO3
Art link: At LJ
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Title: Sógh (Fanmix)

Artist: quaint_camera

Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin

Rating: T

Warnings: A little angsty, but not too bad.

Summary: Accompanying fanmix for Sógh, by the brilliant lawgoddess.

Artist's note: My writer, lawgoddess, dropped out. As a result, this mix doesn't cover ALL of  the events in Sógh, but rather everything right up to
[SPOILER! Do NOT click if you plan to read Sógh once it's finished.]
Merlin's exile.

I don't feel the mix is very effective as a standalone, so once she completes Sógh, I'll likely add tracks and update this post with a link to the story. But for now, happy listening!

Story link: (to be added later)
Art link: Art masterpost
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Title: Dream-Sweepers

Author: fitz_y

Artist: afterandalasia

Rating: R

Word Count: 43,900

Warnings: Violence. Graphic descriptions of illness and of non-consensual medical treatment. Character death (minor). Incestuous thoughts without any actual incest. Reference to rape (not portrayed).

Summary: The same year Morgana Pendragon was born to an experimental test subject in the labs at Camelot Pharmaceuticals, the company invented a drug that cuts Cerebral Hyperactivity Disorder (CHAD) in half, rendering so-called sorcerers (sufferers of CHAD) incapable of practicing “magic” and therefore no longer default enemies of the United States. Instead, they are patients.

At 23 years old, Morgana Pendragon and two other illegally unmedicated CHAD-sufferers carried out an unsuccessful attempt on the life of Camelot’s CEO, Uther Pendragon.

Now, ten years later, Morgana’s magic stays locked away under her skin, a dull itching reminder of the mistakes she once made. Every night she sleeps through prophetic dreams. Every morning she vomits them out as the drugs coursing through her blood scour any lingering memories from her REM cycles. She visits the hospital, her parole officer, and the club where she tends bar. She injects herself with the required barrage of medicines. She keeps her head down and snarls at anyone who approaches with a curious, “Aren’t you the Pendragon girl, the one from the trial?” She is done with dreaming.

Until Morgause walks back into her life, pursuing her, whispering in her ear.

Until the story begins again.

Author's Notes: It has taken a village much larger than Ealdor to write this monster and I owe so many people a million thank-yous and many many homemade caramels come holiday season. Here's the short version of my acknowledgments, a longer version available on my DW master post:

Hugs and love to my amazing fandom peeps, without whom this story would never have happened. Seriously, your brains, brilliance, and support birthed this story. I am so lucky to know you all: To the_muppet, who deserves the modly award of awesomeness. I’ll never understand how you single-handedly wrangled and matched so many people, made us stick to the schedule like glue, and yet also were extremely generous and flexible with us. You’re the best mod I’ve ever worked with, truly. And thank you for the extension! To my artist afterandalasia, whose art is seriously epic, whose edgy, delightful fanmix served as a soundtrack for my writing, and who never gave up on me. Thank you for choosing me and cheering me on and for putting so much energy and time into the amazing art you’ve created for this. You’ve brought the story to life with your music and your voice. To xsmoonshine, who served as my my official cheerleader, whipcracker, and SPAG beta, who let me metaphorically top from the bottom and has checked in with me every Friday since early spring to gently kick my ass, who has read so many versions of this, and who never fails to swoop in and offer support and cheerleading when I complain about writer’s block or when I breakdown in tears. I am so lucky to have been paired with you. To riventhorn, who became my other cheerleader/SPAG-editor over the summer as we became G-Chat buddies, and who spent many a late hour word-warring with me and cheering me on. You are the master and commander of all comma rules in the English language, and I bow to your grammar skills. I can’t believe you managed to turn around such fast and thorough SPAG beta’ing. It’s like you’re magical. To netgirl_y2k, who has read and commented more versions of this story than I can count, who has been a tireless, thoughtful, and enthusiastic content beta, who understands Morgana better than I do, and who been with me in this story since the very beginning when it was only a zygote in my mind and a nearly-empty file folder titled “Biotech is Godzilla.” You have inspired me so much and made my fandom experience and my writing so much richer. And finally, to my second content beta, yllenk. I don’t even have the words to say everything you’ve done for this story, from responding to my rambling over the phone about it, to taking a firm red pen to my excessive prose, to spotting some large flaws in my drafts and helping me find ways to improve them. I remember one day when we were sitting in our coffee shop, back when we were first discovering fandom together over three years ago. You said, “If you, you know, do decide to write something, I can be your ‘beta’”—in air quotes—“or whatever it’s called.” What a journey it’s been—from 1k-word ficlets to this, none of my writing would have been possible without you. You support me so much and always make my stories better.

Any and all remaining mistakes are very much my own.

Finally: afterandalasia has been struggling with technical difficulties, and dealing very graciously with the fact that I got the finalized version of the story to her not very long ago. So she must be superhuman because she’s managed to complete the podfic in such a short time. If the individual chapters aren’t all linked yet, this is because she’s been wrastling with her computer all weekend. Blame the computer. And me for my last-minute-ness.

Artist's Notes: See artist's posts.

Story link: On DW and on the AO3

Art links: Fanmix and Podfic

Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters, not making a profit. Fanfic is free for the world!

A Thunder In Our Hearts

Title: A Thunder In Our Hearts

Author: k_nightfox (Nightfox)

Artist: alby_mangroves

Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Uther(non-consensual)

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 100K

Warnings: Graphic Non-Con (including an explicit brutal rape, sexual violence, blood-play/biting, CBT, humiliation & forced orgasm), deliberate infliction of mental anguish, less-graphic & implied non-con, slavery,attempted suicide, mpreg (forced and consensual),forced marriage, childbirth, violence, genocide, character death

Please note that I have marked off the most graphic and horrifying scenes in the fic so that those who do not wish to read that can skip over and get to the rest of the story. Unfortunately the rape is integral to the story but reading about it, is not. It's enough to know that it happened.

Summary: Uther unwittingly inherits Arthur's destiny when he takes Merlin for his own. Now Arthur must find a way to stop his father's tyrancial rule and take back the destiny he was born to.
(More detailed summary available at the Master Post)

Author's notes: Wow, where to start? First, thanks to the_muppet for making Paper Legends happen in the first place and for helping me out so graciously when every step in the process of writing this fic went to hell. When I lost my artist after the artists had all been claimed, you helped me find a new one. When my Beta reader dropped out after the final check-in, again you helped me to find a replacement. When it came to my attention that I don't actually write "rough drafts", you made a way for me. Every step of the way you have graciously and generously lent me your time, support and assistance. Thank you for all of that!

Next, my artist, alby_mangroves you deserve all the love in the world! You not only stepped up to pinch hit as my artist but delivered the most amazing artwork I've seen! Going above and beyond the role of a mere artist, you have been a true collaborator in every sense of the word for this story, almost from the beginning and certainly right up to the frantic end! This would NOT exist without you. I feel so honoured that you picked me to work with!

Thanks to jissai1988 for providing me with the original prompt for this (we certainly never expected it to grow into such a monster when we started!) and for cheering me on from the very first word to the last. Your enthusiasm and encouragement has been invaluable.

archaeologist_d you were supremely kind and took mercy on me at the last minute. You took on the mammoth task of beta for this story even in the midst of a very busy schedule. Thank you so much!

I also want to thank my bestie nymfayaredflare and steamyaffair for cheerleadering and all the other kind people who stepped up to offer me help when I reached out and asked for it. You know who you are and I love you!

Artist's notes: Special thanks to visbranndrage and xarenna for their arty feedback on one of the pieces ♥ Hugs to asya_ana, sapphirescribe and 40_miles for their cheering and feedback ♥ and to the_muppet for her mad juggling skills ♥

Story link: On LJ and now on AO3

Art link: Alby's Fantastic Art!

Disclaimer: Nothing in this is mine (except for minor OC's and my idea about Dragonlord biology, I am rather proud of myself for that one ;-) All the main characters belong to Shine and the BBC. I am making no money from this endeavour, in fact I'm sure I've lost quite a bit because of it! Everything that isn't mine belongs to its respective owners, I make no claim to any of it.

A Prince from Another World

Title: A Prince from Another World
Author: van_maniac
Pairings/Characters: Merlin/Arthur, Balinor, Nimueh, Will (AU)
Word Count: 49K
Warnings: Slash/Merthur/Con (Some NonCon but not really)

(Short Version) Merlin lives in current times and has always felt like he didn't quite belong, an outcast of sorts. One day, he finds out that the lake in the new park the city built is far from ordinary and holds a danerous secret. Unable to stay away from the lake, Melrin finds himself in an unexplained situation and trying to make sense of it all.

(Longer Version) Merlin lives in current times and has always felt like he didn't quite belong, an outcast of sorts. One day, he finds out that the lake in the new park the city built is far from ordinary. An image of a prince and a medieval world deflects back at him and it seems like he is the only one who can see it. Unable to stay away from the lake and the image of the young prince, Merlin finds himself in an unexplained situation and stuck with a clod pole of a prince. How will he ever help the prince find his way back and why is he the only one who can?

Author Notes: I want to thank the_muppet for giving me a chance to participate in such a wonderful and exhilirating challenge. And mithborien for the constant support, the fantastic beyond words art and vid. Her work was what kept me writing when I had to toss the whole thing and start from scratch. Her beautifully put together trailer of my story made me want to read my own story right then and there, which I did. >-0 I always wanted a vid made for one of my stories and thanks to her I finally got one! I was sad to have had to cut 7 whole chapters from this story and condense whatever I could into 2 chapters. Reason, time constrains and I just kept clinging to the first 8 chapters and nit picking everything. >-0 But enought of that, I did manage to keep one, ok two smexy scene and lots of blushing between Arthur and Merlin. Plus a cute cliffhanger at the end. So go forth my minions and enjoy the fluffies and the not so fluffies.

Oh but make sure to watch the vid first, it will pump you out for the read!!!

Artist Notes:So this is both my first Merlin Big Bang and my first vid in the Merlin fandom! I had a lot of fun creating the vid and accompanying art so I hope you all enjoy it as well. Please see my masterpost for more notes.

Story link: FanFiction.net LJ A03
Art link: Art Masterpost

Disclaimer: Don't own Merlin nor any of its characters. Nor is any profit intended in the creation of the fanfic or the art.
Merlin-IamGwen cover

I Am Gwen (the cutest cat on the Internet!)

Title: I Am Gwen (the cutest cat on the Internet!)
Author: gwylliondream
Artist: murderdetective
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 58K
Warnings: None
Summary: Merlin is a lonely cat-loving bicycle messenger who is obsessed with Gwen—an adorable feline who stars in YouTube videos and whose owner has never been seen on camera. One day, Merlin makes a delivery to an apartment that seems strangely familiar. Destiny ensues.
Author's notes: Loud purrs to my wonderful artist murderdetective who took on this project at the very last minute and produced an adorable series of lighthearted manips for the fic, to my fabulous beta stagarden who put in so much time and attention to my fic, to my enthusiastic cheerleader and icon maker gilli_ann who served as a first line of defense against ridiculous ideas that I came up with, and to my bestie bronctastic who listened to me hammer out this fic from hither to yon. Thanks to archaeologist_d, corilannam, lawgoddess, sandscrit, and all my lj friends who kept me well-supplied with metaphoric tuna and cream during the writing of this fic. My undying thanks to the lovely Maru-fan who left this fantastic prompt at KMM, without whom this story could not have been written. Thanks to the_muppet for her grace and wisdom in answering every bizarre question imaginable in hosting this festival of Merlin fanfiction. And, last, but not least, thanks to Maru-the cutest cat on the Internet!
I Am Gwen was written for paperlegends and as a kinkme_merlin fill for this prompt.
Artist's notes: For the paperlegends bigbang challenge I got gwylliondream's fabulous story, I Am Gwen. It was a blast to work with her. Her story hit so many of my fluff kinks. AND DUDE, THERE IS A PET CAT. MY SOUL SOARS FOR PET FICS! It hits me right in the kink! XD
Story link: Story Masterpost
Art link: Art Masterpost
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of BBC/Shine and their creators.
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The Good Fight

Title: The Good Fight
Artist: suchaprince
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin (preslash)
Rating (if applicable): No rating needed for the artwork (The fic it was made for is rated R though)
Warnings: Some adult language in the lyrics
Summary: "Merlin knows better than anyone that he has to keep the magic secret. Magic users should be registered, with the penalty for not doing so harsh indeed, and thaumists are growing in influence. Tensions are high as the country is teetering on the brink of another Purge. Merlin has always said that violence is not the answer, but vigilante attacks from both sides, not to mention a string of grisly murders, suggest that no one is listening to him, let alone reading his blog. Cue spandex and talking statues and a whole lot of sexual tension with Arthur, son of the most bigoted thaumist around." (From hobnailedboots)
Artist's notes: Even though the story this artwork is for is unable to be part of paperlegends, I loved working with hobnailedboots fantastic fic. Since The Good Fight is a proper superhero story I decided to mix it as if it were a film, which means the fanmix contains both a 'score' and a 'soundtrack'. I had such a lovely time taking part in my first paperlegends.


Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.
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Slipping the Jesses

Title: Slipping the Jesses
Author: lycoris
Artist: the_little_owl
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Gwaine, Arthur, Gwen, Gaius, the knights and various other characters making appearances.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 43, 538
Warnings: Mild violence, about the level of the show.
Summary: Camelot's Yuletime feast is ruined when a mysterious Green Knight arrives with a strange challenge. Gwaine's acceptance of the challenge places him in mortal danger and Merlin is determined to save his life. However, doing so will lead them both away from Camelot and to places they would never have expected.
Author's notes: Title comes from the Heather Dale Song Hunter.
Epic thanks to the incomparable versipellis and robert_frogg who have encouraged, coaxed, praised and prodded me through the writing of this story. Without them, this wouldn't be here. Thanks guys! I owe you cake!

Thanks to the_little_owl for being a fantastic artist and also for putting up with me - you're a star! And finally, thanks to the_muppet for being a wonderful, understanding mod. You're all awesome!

Artist's notes: It was fun to work with Lycoris, and I'd like to recommend to read her amazing tale. Like with the BBC series, you might think you know the story, when the villain shows up, but as the plot unfolds you're in for a big surprise. A must-read for all Gwaine fans! I like it when a story challenges me as an artist; here I had to deal with some rather unusual skin tones and to solve the puzzle of how to paint a black [I don't tell you yet what it is] in a dark forest at night.
Story link: Here.
Art link: Here
Disclaimer: Merlin does not belong to either of us, it is the property of BBC and Shine.

Pair Dadeni

Title: Pair Dadeni
Author: afterandalasia
Artist: murderdetective
Pairings/characters: Morgana/Vivian, one sided Arthur/Vivian as canon, background Arthur/Gwen, past Gwen/Morgana, past Morgana/Morgause
Rating: R
Word Count: ~41K

Warnings: Spoilers for all series. (skip) Past character death as canon, violence, gore; dark magic; kidnap, captivity; mental illness, obsession and brainwashing as related to the spell placed on Vivian.
Summary: Canon, post-S4. Found half-dead in the forests on the edge of Camelot, Morgana awakes instead in Essetir and held captive by King Olaf. He offers her a deal: he will let her live and go free, provided she lifts the years-old magic which still lives Vivian desperately in love with King Arthur of Camelot. Though at first disdainful, Morgana finds herself becoming caught up in the task. As she works, and recovers from her injuries, news starts to filter in: of strange beasts on the hills of Essetir, and disappearances into the darkness. She suspects from the beginning that it is magic, but does not voice her suspicions to Olaf until the danger is almost at the castle gate. The Cŵm Annŵn ride on the hills again, and Olaf fears that they are coming for Vivian. And somehow, Morgana finds herself wishing to defend this Kingdom, even if it means standing before the commander of the hellhounds herself. Oh, and Vivian's spell does get broken. Just not in the way that anyone expected.

Author's notes: So, my first long story in Merlin fandom -- and my longest story to date. And it has been a total blast. This story came together in bits and pieces over the months, with various ideas and scenes coming to me all at different times.

First up, I want to thank the_muppet for running such an amazing fest and comm single-handedly and with such style. I stand in awe of your remarkable skills. Secondly, my thanks to wonderful artist (and pinchhitter) murderdetective for her beautiful, beautiful artwork which really helped me to pull together and finish this story. Finally, of course, a huge, huge thanks to sophinisba for her beta work on the fic, darkstar1991 for putting up with my incessant questions at strange hours of the day, and tassosss for poking, cajoling and otherwise cheerleading me into keeping with this.

Big bangs are a really communal event, and I really hope that this post acknowledges that. For one name on the posts, there are many people behind it. Thank you all!

Artist's notes: See art masterpost.

Story link: LJ Masterpost | AO3
Art link: LJ Masterpost
Disclaimer: I make no claim to the creative rights of, and make no profit from, this work.