Lady Ashley (spikelover520) wrote in paperlegends,
Lady Ashley

 Title:The Once and Future King
Author: spikelover520 
Pairings/characters:  Merlin/Arthur friendship, a tiny bit of Lance and Gwen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:  30,000 exactly!
 Spoilers: War, fighting, Uther's death
Summary: The once and future king's life happens a little differently then what happens in the show. A completely different twist happens when Merlin is a simple peasant who gets thrown into servantship quickly after stealing a thing of bread one day. He puts up with Arthur throughout it all. What happens when things go haywire? A beast, a fairy king and the sudden loss of his father and Morgana. What will he do now?
Author's notes: Big shout outs to everyone out there. Especially to my cheerleader , my beta kittie8571  and my artist sallyna_smile . They stuck with me when I needed it and even my friends helped me. Enjoy!
Story link:
Art link:
Tags: 2011: art entries, 2011: story entries
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