September 12th, 2013


London, Said He

Title: London, Said He
Author: ureshiiichigo
Artist: numberthescars
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur, one-sided Gwaine/Merlin, implied Gwaine/Percy
Rating: R
Word Count: ~45k
Warnings: Temporary character death, non-existent technology

Summary: This really hasn't been Merlin's day. Or week. Or month, really. Seeing his best friend die in front of him was bad enough. But magicking himself into the future in order to save Arthur? Probably not as good an idea as it seemed on paper. And this future version of Gwaine will not stop hitting on him. Even in front of the future Arthur - talk about embarrassing. Especially since Merlin needs to get to know this Arthur if he's ever going to figure out how to save his.

Author's notes: I DID IT. It really does take a village. Thanks so much to percygranger and messyangel81, the best betas a girl could ask for; to numberthescars for the gorgeous cover image and divider; to eternal_jazz for holding my hand, listening to me when I whined, and countless pots of shared tea; to jbuggy for cheering me on and offering advice, even though I kept forgetting to email her; to go_fishboys for sharing her writing block pain; to the_muppet for organizing this madhouse; and to everyone in the paperlegends community for being so awesome.

Artist's notes: Art for the lovely ureshiiichigo's entry to paperlegends! Many thanks to ureshiiichigo for her encouragement, patience and (of course) inspiration!

Story link: AO3 | LJ
Art link: LJ

Disclaimer: DO NOT OWN. T_T