September 1st, 2013


In A Time Of Magick

Title: In A Time Of Magick
Author: sidhe_faerie
Artist: zephre
Pairings/characters: The Pendragon Family: King Arthur Pendragon, Queen Guinevere Pendragon, Crown Prince Amhar Pendragon, Lady Ygraine Pendragon, Prince Duran Pendragon, Sir Elyan Leodegrance, Lord Merlin Emrys, Lady Morgana Emrys, Sir Devon Emrys, Lady Anna Emrys
Sir Leon, Lady Beatrice (Sir Leon’s Daughter), Sir Michael, Queen Morgause former Queen of Lothian and Orkney, Prince Mordred (Sir Elias), King Angus of the Northern Isles , Crown Prince Harold, Sir Donas, Sir Eustace, Sir Haney, Sir Micah, Sir Oliver, Nimueh, Freya, Caleb (Iseldir son and current Druid Chieftain), Jill, Polly, Lily, Innkeeper’s Son
Rating: R/MA
Word Count: 61,144
Warnings: Major Character Death, Graphic Violence, Explicit Sex, Rape, Adult themes
Summary: There has been peace in Albion for 20 years under King Arthur rule but the threats of the past are returning. The Saxons and a family bent on revenge threaten the kingdom that Arthur has built. As the old threats return there is still hope for the future. When the day of prophecy approaches, Albion will remain strong as a new King rises to its throne.

Author's notes:This is Book 3 of a series The "For The Love Of Camelot" Series can be found here on AO3 In Witchcraft anything to do with spells and true powers is called Magick
Extra Special Thanks to the_muppet for making this a most wonderful experience. She has put in countless hours of work to make this the best Big Bang ever.
Special thanks to my wonderful artist zephre who has made beautiful art for me again this year. I'm so glad she picked me last year and agreed to work on two stories this year. She is just awesome. All three "Books" match perfectly. She actually made me get a little emotional when I saw how beautiful the art was for these three books.
Thanks to archaeologist_d for having all the spells from the show translated for me to use and the links to the translator to make my own.
Thanks to my Beta darkstarr_x for doing so much reading this time and not killing me for doing two this year.

Artist's notes: This was a great collaboration, I really enjoyed working on a trilogy of connected illustrations. Hope you all enjoy!

Story link:Linked Chapters On LiveJournal ||| Complete Story on AO3
Art link: The beautiful art by zephre is here for the cover and here for the interior. Please go leave her lots of comments
Disclaimer:Merlin and Its characters are the property of BBC and Shine. We do not profit in any way from this work.
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S/T self-explanatory (Marvel/Avengers)

The Pentagram Sacrifices

Title: The Pentagram Sacrifices
Author: unbidden_truth
Artist: sandrainthesun
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur; Leon, Lance, Gaius, Kilgharrah, Morgana, Gwaine, Gwen, Percival, a few minor OCs and with minor pairings of Gwen/Lance and Morgana/Leon.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 32K
Warnings: Descriptions of graphic violence and death, minor homophobia, and depictions of Neo-paganism/Neo-Druidic movement in a negative light.  Major artistic liberties have been taken with both the depiction and organization of The Metropolitan Police as well as places in London.
Summary: Modern AU. When murders with strange Celtic symbols start showing up around London, DI Arthur Pendragon is forced to work with a Professor Merlin Emrys, recently arrived to London and a leading expert on early Welsh writings.  As they try to find the serial killer and navigate their growing attraction for one another, Merlin realizes there is more to the case than meets the eye and Arthur comes to terms to finally letting go of his past.
Author's notes: Please see author masterpost for notes.
Artist's notes: Please see artist masterpost for notes.
Story link: LJ | AO3 (links should be up soon!)
Art link: LJ
Disclaimer: Merlin belongs to the BBC and Shine.
Merlin and Gwen

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Title: What Have Kings
Author: antonomasia09
Artist: aaweth_edain
Pairings/characters: Merlin & Arthur, Morgana, Morgause, Mordred, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Gaius, Balinor, Finna
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 30,828
Warnings: slavery, some graphic violence
Summary: Arthur is the king of Camelot, but his hold on power is tenuous at best due to an injury that won't properly heal. Merlin is a druid slave whose life Arthur saves on a whim. Together, they embark on a quest to reclaim the legendary sword lost by Arthur’s father, and to restore faith in the Pendragon name. Fusion with The Eagle.

Author's notes: There are a number of people that I need to thank for making this story what it is. First, my wonderful artist aaweth_edain, who was nice enough to volunteer to make beautiful illustrations for this at the last minute. She is illustrating a total of ten fanfics this year in addition to writing one of her own, and is therefore insane, but in the best way possible. I’m incredibly grateful.

I also owe undying thanks to i_canz_dragon (aka i_canz_kill_dragon on ao3 and dragonlordette on tumblr) for stepping in at the last minute to beta for me, and for calling me out on the things that needed fixing. She made this infinitely better, and I am eternally in her debt.

Finally, thanks to the_muppet for organizing this whole thing. It was a truly monumental undertaking, and I’m so proud to have been a part of it. The whole experience has been bittersweet, knowing that this was going to be the last paperlegends and the end of the Merlin era, but at the same time, it taught me a lot about writing, and allowed me to meet a lot of talented, passionate people.

Since I can, I would also like to mention that aaweth_edain will be hosting two Big Bangs next year, one of which is Merlin-themed. The links are here and here.

Artist's Notes: Hey! I hope you enjoyed these very stylistic drawings. I wanted to create a comic-like illustration, which I believe I achieved. I used ink for the most part, although sometimes I implemented the use of colored pencil (like with the grass). I hope you enjoy the art as well as the story!

Story Link: on AO3
Art Link: on LJ
Disclaimer: Merlin does not belong to us. It belongs to the BBC and Shine, and we just did this for fun.