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{ Merlin Big Bang 2013 masterlist | standalone entries }

Below are the 2013 Merlin Big Bang standalone entries:

Title: And the World You Promised
Author: jesterlady
Pairing: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin, Gwaine, Gaius, Leon, Morgana, Percival
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 66,739
Warnings/spoilers: Crazy!Morgana, cryptic descriptions of torture
Summary: After the battle of Camlann Arthur and Merlin must somehow come to terms with the ramifications of Merlin's secret in time to defeat Morgana and fulfill their destiny.
Link to fic: Fic masterpost

Title: Dragonscape
Author: lasermignon
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, other canon pairings in background
Rating: PG-13/R
Word count: 80k
Warnings/spoilers: violence, some gore, sexual situations, loose handling of canon,
major character death: temporary, minor character deaths, mainly off-screen
Summary: Not much is known about the blue sun, Assetir; even less of its ninth planet, an unnamed gas giant. But the moon which orbited the gas giant is well-documented in contemporary chronicles. It was called Ealdor by its inhabitants. Its mass, its irregular shape, its composition bore evidence of a darker truth. Ealdor was not simply a moon; it was formed out of the remains of a dead Dragon. It is said that a Dragon cannot survive without a Dragonlord. The Great Dragon, being the greatest of them all, persevered. When it could no longer endure, it travelled to Assetir, where a Dragonlord lived in exile, and made its call. Meanwhile, in the town of Camelot, the Great Dragon's people lived in ignorance of the new Dragonlord who had appeared among them and set a series of events in motion which would challenge everything they knew of the world they lived in. His name: Merlin.
Link to fic: Fic masterpost

Title: I Can't Sleep
Author: lalunanocturnal
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lance, Morgana, Elena, Percy, Gwaine, Mordred, Leon
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 41628
Warnings/spoilers: explicit sexual content, angst, painfully fluffy flashbacks
Summary: The only thing Arthur remembers from his days at the orphanage is the nameless boy who became his best friend, and became his Merlin. Until the day he was adopted by billionaire Uther Pendragon, and Arthur never saw or heard from his childhood friend again. But destiny has a way of working out. In Arthur's case, at Albion University, where he is reunited with his Merlin, and suddenly the memories flood back, and he never realized how big the hole Merlin left actually was, until he is back to fill it again.
Link to fic: Fic masterpost

Title: Maybe we'll make it work this time
Author: go_fishboys
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin (main), a bit of Merlin/Gwaine that never really happens, Gwen, Morgana, Percival, Lancelot, Elyan, Leon, Agravaine, Morgause, Kilgharrah, Uther, Hunith, Balinor, Will
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 65k
Warnings/spoilers: Temporary major character death, permanent minor character death
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a Prince and a Sorcerer (who also happened to be a Prince) from two different kingdoms trying to maintain a fragile peace while coming to terms with the fact that maybe they didn't dislike each other as much as they'd always thought. But fate is a fickle thing and some things just aren't meant to be. Like most eighteen-year-olds, Merlin Emerson had plans for university. He was going to study hard, he was going to get good grades and, if he got really lucky, he was even going to find someone special. Not that he was really expecting that to happen - those things only happened in those films he pretended to hate when his mum dragged him to the cinema. Everything changes when Merlin finds a talking cat. Now, on top of worrying about his studies, his social life and his love life, he also has to worry about saving the world, magic and destinies. And while his destiny brings about its fair share of problems, pain and loneliness, Merlin also discovers that sometimes, you can get a second chance.
Link to fic: Fic masterpost

Title: Pirates and their Plunder
Author: sweet_poppy111
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, background Mithian/Elena and hints of others
Rating: PG-13/R
Word count: 48k
Warnings/spoilers: None
Summary: It’s not that Merlin’s not trying to keep away from the sea-faring world, but though his days of sailing on pirate ships and searching for magical treasures are over, he can’t help but cling to what he wants, unknowingly throwing himself back into it headlong, met with deceit, magic and Captain Arthur Pendragon, who Merlin has not forgotten in the slightest.
Link to fic: Fic masterpost

Title: The Pretender
Author: ladyanne04
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: Mature
Word count: 31k
Warnings/spoilers: None
Summary: Merlin Emrys is the son of a traitor and one of the most notorious of Camelot’s young and wealthy. But that all changes the day he meets Arthur Pendragon, and learns the truth about his father. Now Merlin must decide - is he willing to risk it all or will he go on being the pretender? Magical AU, reincarnation, and spys, oh my!
Link to fic: Fic masterpost

Title: (The Story of Our Lives is) Intertwined
Author: dianaprallon
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin; Merlin/Morgana; Arthur/Vivian (minor) Gwen/Lancelot, Morgause/Cendred, Gaius/Alice (past) Merlin/Mithian, Merlin/Gwaine, Arthur/Morgana
Rating: Mature
Word count: 65k
Warnings/spoilers: Major Character Death (not Arthur or Merlin), depression, teenage angst, angst, Beards, Closeted Character, homophobia, teenage pregnancy, failed marriages, damaged children and god only knows what else.
Summary: Merlin thought his story was done - the perfect picture was already taken. He was living in the Happily Ever After, with everything it entailed: a happy marriage, five amazing and imperfect children, a friendly ex-wife, fantastic friends and a woman that never failed to surprise him. He would never have thought it would all fall apart faster than a camera snaps.
Link to fic: Fic masterpost

Title: This Is Something That Happens
Author: ungalad
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Edwin, Merlin/Daegal, Arthur/Leon, Lancelot/Gwen, Morgause/Mordred, Hunith/Balinor, Uther/Vivienne, Gaius, Kilgharrah, Finna, Gwaine, Percival, Mithian, Freya.
Rating: R
Word count: 63k
Warnings/spoilers: Minor character death, mentions of depression and eating disorder
Summary: Modern AU, magical realism. Merlin and Arthur would like to think that the line between reality and dreams has always been clear for them--for Arthur, real life is his job, his family, and Leon; for Merlin, it's the hospital and his friends. And dreams? Well, there's nothing strange in dreaming about the same person again and again. There's nothing wrong with a little fantasy, or with your subconscious creating a perfect man for you when things are a bit down in real life. Except, of course, if you happen to meet him when you're awake. A story about family, friendship, and a love that transcends the limits of reality.
Link to fic: Fic masterpost

Title: Weighty and Troublesome Things
Author: skitz_phenom
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur, slight 1-sided Merlin/Morgana, Gwen/Lancelot (additional brief mentions of Morgana/Gwaine, Arthur/OFC, Hunith/Balinor)
Rating: R
Word count: 123k
Warnings/spoilers: Some mentions of canon-style violence, persons being burned alive.
Summary: Post-canon AU / Canon AU from S2. It's been ten years since Arthur drifted away from him on the Lake of Avalon, but even inside Camelot's walls, Merlin is still lost. Hiding from those who know him and cut off from his former life in self-imposed exile, he can't resist the temptation when a mysterious stranger offers him the chance to set things right. Merlin returns to the past, to an innocent, simpler time, armed with the knowledge of Arthur's fate. He knows the odds (and the stubborn people - Arthur in particular) are stacked against him and the obstacles he must overcome seem insurmountable. Can destiny be nudged enough to save Arthur's life, and is the price too high?
Link to fic: Fic masterpost


Title: Bloodstone
Artist: fleete
Pairing: The fic is Merlin/Arthur, but none are pictured in the art.
Rating: G, SFW
Warnings/spoilers: No content warnings
Summary: When Arthur decides to clean out the magical artifacts from his father's attic, he has to call in an expert, Merlin, to help him.
Link to art: Art masterpost

Title: Color Theory
Artist: puckboum
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
Warnings/spoilers: None
Summary: "For many young and downtrodden mutants, Camelot Academy is a warm light at the end of a dark and cold tunnel - a haven from a world that seeks to abuse and exploit them. But something dark is brewing under the surface, and Camelot is not as safe as it appears to be, despite the best intentions of Headmaster Gaius. Meanwhile, Pendragon Industries has just stumbled across a “cure” for the mutant gene, the result of Uther’s desperate desire to cure his son of this ‘affliction’. But this cure came at an incredible cost, one that may just rip apart the last shreds of the fragile peace between mutants and humankind - something that the leader of the Sisterhood of Mutants, Nimueh Dullyn, needs for her own agenda. Arthur, Merlin, and all their friends are just kids caught up in this mess. All most of them want is a bit of peace and safety. Unfortunately, this is probably the last thing they’ll be getting." (summary taken from the claiming post)
Link to art: Art masterpost

Title: Merlin Proserpine
Artist: spacealtie
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: R
Warnings/spoilers: None
Summary: (Reincarnation fic) Kieran, an art connoisseur, discovers a portrait that will soon become an obsession... And if Kieran is blond and shiny, and the man in the portrait has black hair a red kerchief, it may not be completely fortuitous.
Link to art: Art masterpost

Title: Paperlegends 2013
Artist: reni_m
Pairing: Merlin, Arthur, Leon, Percival, Lancelot, Elyan, and Gwaine
Rating: None
Warnings/spoilers: None
Summary: Two illustrations inspired by a Modern AU/Reincarnation type fic and my Knight Series.
Link to art: Art masterpost

Title: Target: Arthur
Artist: xcuri0sity
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lance, Morgana, Kilgharrah, Mordred
Warnings/spoilers: Name change; Merlin = Colin ... (not an RPF)
Summary: Colin's life was a bit dull until he got sponsored to finish the rest of his school year at Camelot, a renowned boarding school in Winchester. He suddenly realizes that he's not the only one who has dreams of medieval age, dreams which were in fact memories of his past life. There is only one reason as to why these memories are resurfacing now - Arthur's in danger. Together with Smarty Morgana, Kick-ass Gwen, Art Genius Lance, and ..fluffy Kilgharrah (who's quite annoyed to be reborn as a cat) they begin searching for Arthur. They must hurry though, a powerful sorcerer was reincarnated as well, and Arthur was the key to breaking the curse.
Link to art: Art masterpost

Title: The Albion (sketch, cover, and fanmix)
Artist: incandescent
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G, SFW
Warnings/spoilers: None
Summary: From the author - Racebent historical AU. Arthur, softhearted pirate captain of the Albion, is lead on a ridiculous chase across the Pacific Ocean by Merlin the magical merman, snarker extraordinaire. Arthur is not pleased, except for the part where he is.
Link to art: Art masterpost

Title: The Tournament
Artist: aaweth_edain
Pairing: Gwaine/Merlin/Percival, Arthur/Gwen, Elyan/OFC, Leon/Lancelot/Mordred
Rating: T with hints of M
Warnings/spoilers: AU – Canon Divergences, Mad!Morgana, and attempts at wooing from two honorable men that are being stonewalled by their birth father, protective!King and protective!Warlock. Oh! And some fighting too but not gory or anything like that
Summary: Morgana was losing the fight against Camelot. In a desperate attempt, she enacted an old ritual: the Tournament which would reward one country with the Crown of Albion. The catch? There must be magic users that represent each country (something that makes Arthur very happy while Merlin is unaware that his secret it out). There is also time-traveling knights from the future (who may or not be the children of certain couples//trios) that will help Arthur win the crown. Meanwhile, Lancelot and Leon want to woo Mordred but are being stonewalled by Arthur (who deems himself a bit like an older brother to the young druid), Merlin (who has maternal instructs, thus enlisting the aid of his own lovers), and Mordred’s birth father.
Link to art: Art masterpost

Title: Untitled
Artist: ahhlee_spn
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG
Warnings/spoilers: None
Summary: Modern!au, reincarnation. Arthur is a reclusive writer who spends his days in his little home, ‘Castle Cottage’ up in the hills of northern England. He gets up, eats breakfast, reads the paper and then writes on his old typewriter looking out over the sprawling English countryside around him. And then one day his peaceful existence is turned upside down by the arrival of a mysterious man named Merlin and his rag tag group of friends. Along with these men Arthur is dragged along on a journey across the Northern Pennines through forests, ravines, mountains and caves until he finds what he is looking for.
Link to art: Art masterpost

Title: Whispers in the Dark
Artist: amorpheous
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/spoilers: Discussion of Mental Illness
Summary: Sometimes Morgana talks to him, tells him stories about when he was king, the only thing is that she's dead and has been for a while. Living under the watchful eye of Lance, Arthur keeps journals detailing how he is feeling and any hallucinations he has. When he loses a poker game and "wins" Merlin, a young man who enjoys old films and b-movies, Arthur's life begins to change, for better or for worse. As Arthur and Merlin get closer, Lance finds himself falling for someone himself.
Link to art: Art masterpost

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