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such stars as sworn to shield the sky

Title: such stars as sworn to shield the sky
Author: etharei
Artist: xsilverdreamsx
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: M
Word Count: 66k
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: A tale of two worlds.

Author's notes: A world of thanks to xsilverdreamsx for the fantastic artwork, cheerleading, beta-reading, and general handholding ♥ Thanks also to our amazing twitter support group: janesgravity, i_bleed_magenta, and Jodie ♥

Special thanks to the_muppet for organizing yet another awesome big bang ♥

A big hug and thank you to Deminos, who gave me the initial idea for this fic. Sorry it didn't quite turn out the way we first planned! Also a warm shout-out to all the lovely people at the paperpushers chat ♥

Artist's notes: The poster created for this fic was sort of a homage to Star Wars, which is one of Rei's favorite film series. I apologize for the lack of art for rest of Rei's amazing space AU, though! I wish my art did justice to her fic, but unfortunately due to RL issues, I could not finish some of the other pieces we had planned in our brainstorming sessions. However, once I get my stuff sorted out, I'll add those pieces here after they're completed.

Story link: Story on AO3

Art link: Art on LJ

Disclaimer: My artist and I may be soulbonded but, alas, we do not own Merlin.

Tags: 2013: art entries, 2013: story entries

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