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{ paper legends 2013 | faq & schedule }

Welcome to paperlegends, the Merlin Big Bang!

This will be the final Paper Legends Merlin Big Bang challenge. I actually made this decision quite some time ago, though with the announcement now that the series is over, it seems all the more timely. I will do a proper round-up and thank you post at the end of the Big Bang, but for now, thank you for taking the time to participate and let's make the 2013 Merlin Big Bang the best one yet!

Let's get on with the information you're here for, shall we?:

After much thought, I will not be doing cheerleader sign-ups/matching this year. As I'm sure most of you are aware, I run Paper Legends by myself and to be honest, one-on-one cheerleading matching is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects for me, and I'm not even sure it works out most of the time anyway. I think artists and writers tend to rely on their flists and/or their own support networks for their cheerleading needs.

That being said, I will instead be posting two cheerleading memes during the Big Bang - one early on and one after artist/writer matching has taken place - where artists and writers can request additional cheerleading if they feel they would like it. (Please see schedule below).

I know at least a couple of writers last year were uncomfortable with how young their artist turned out to be, considering the graphic nature of some of their stories. I will not be setting an age limit on artists who participate, but I will instead include a line in the anonymous story summary posting section (see schedule below) where the writer can specify if they would need/prefer an artist over a certain age - depending on the nature of their story content - in order to prevent any misunderstandings this year.

Membership will be limited to participants only, but watching the community is still open to all and very much encouraged! Please remember to request membership if/when you sign-up to enable you access to all members-only posts which you will need to be able to view. Memberships will be granted during the sign-up phase; therefore memberships, if requested, will not be granted until Feb 1st onwards, and only to those who sign up to participate. Membership will, of course, be available to all who are participating: artists, writers, betas and cheerleaders (if a match is made with an artist and/or writer during the cheerleader meme stages).

Sign-ups will be opening on February 1st but for now, please familiarise yourself with the FAQ and schedule:

{ FAQ }

1. What is a Big Bang?

A Big Bang is a challenge that encourages writers to create long stories within a certain time frame and artists to create works to pair with those stories.

2. Is this Big Bang limited to a certain pairing or genre?

No. paperlegends is an equal opportunity challenge. All pairings and moresomes and gen stories are welcome. Likewise, AU, crossovers and fusions, all genres and all ratings are also welcome, so long as the primary focus of your story is Merlin and its characters.

3. What's the minimum word count?

30,000. This is a six-month challenge, running from Feb 1st to August 1st, and you should use all the time availalbe to you. So start writing as soon as you sign up, and make the most of all the time you have!

4. Can I write more than one story?

You may, but please note that the deadlines and word counts hold for each story you submit.

5. I've started a fic that I'd like to turn into a submission for paperlegends. Can I do that?

Sort of. All works must be created specifically for this challenge and old works cannot be recycled. If you have the beginnings of a story you'd like to submit and the current word count is no more than 5K, you will be permitted to submit this story, provided that you have not posted and do not post any parts of the story prior to the launch of this year's paperlegends. If you're planning to sign up, feel free to start writing now!

Please also bear in mind that submissions must stand alone and cannot end 'To Be Continued...' Likewise, sequels to previous works are acceptable, only as long as they are able to stand alone.

6. Does my story have to be beta read?


7. What if I don't have a beta?

There is a beta reader sign up post and requests for betas, should you require one, will take place as per the schedule below. There are, however, no guarantees of being matched with a beta at that stage, so please feel free to work with your own beta, or to make contact with a beta via the beta sign-up posts before that time, if you feel you would like one earlier/guaranteed. You don't need to wait to be matched with one if you don't want to; feel free to make a match yourselves too.

8. I'm an artist, not a writer. How do I participate?

First of all, yay! That's fantastic that you want to participate. Various forms of art are accepted for paperlegends. Art assignments will be made as per the schedule below. Artists will get to choose the summary they wish to work on; anonymous summaries will be posted as per the schedule below, and artists will be given time to read through these before being given the chance to select their top 3 choices. You're welcome (and encouraged!) to work with your writer so that the finished product is something you both love, and there will be specific artist/writer check-ins to make sure things are running smoothly for you.

9. I want to participate but am not a writer or an artist. What can I do?

Please consider signing up as a beta or looking out for the cheerleader posts. Writers and artists need and appreciate all the support they can get. Follow the community to keep up-to-date with everything that's happening, and feel free to comment on posts and support artists and writers through this process.

10. How will the works be hosted?

Hosting is up to each participant. You're welcome to host your work on LJ, DW, an external website or archive. The completed list of works will then be posted when paperlegends launches. You maintain complete access and all rights to your work.

11. What's the time line?

{ Feb 1st } - Writer Sign Ups open.
{ Feb 1st } - Artist Sign Ups open.
{ Feb 1st } - Beta Reader Sign Ups open.
{ Feb 28th } - Writer Sign Ups close.
{ March 1st } - Paper Pushers (support community) opens.
{ March 22nd } - First mandatory writer check-in. You are encouraged to have 10k written by this point.
{ April 5th } - First cheerleading meme.
{ April 19th } - Artist Sign Ups close.
{ April 26th } - Artist check-in.
{ May 1st-10th } - Second mandatory writer check-in and anonymous summaries submitted. You are encouraged to have 15k written by this point.
{ May 13th } - Anonymous story summaries posted for artists to view.
{ May 18th-19th } - Artist/writer matching. (Writers must share all their work/rough drafts with their artist at this point.)
{ May 31st } - Second cheerleading meme.
{ June 10th } - Mandatory artist/writer check-in. To establish that things are running smoothly and the allotted artists/writers are working together on their submissions.
{ June 20th } - Artist/writer beta request post opens.
{ June 27th } - Rough drafts due to be submitted; artist and writers.
{ July 14th-21st } - Final mandatory check-in for writers and artists. You will need to confirm your final participation in this post.
{ July 28th } - Posting schedule announced.
{ August 1 } - Big Bang goes live!!! Posting will take place from August 1st, with 1 or 2 posts per day and throughout the month, dependent on how many participants finish. A masterlist of all posts will go up once all posts are made.

12. Sounds great. I'm in. Now what?

Fantastic! Please go to the appropriate sign-up posts when they open on February 1st and don't forget to watch the community for updates. In the meantime, it takes all of you to make a successful Big Bang, so do your bit! Grab a banner or a button and spread the word far and wide.

{ Additional information you may require: }

* support community: paperpushers is the support community for this Big Bang. This support community will open on March 1st and can be used by all participants for any help/support you feel you need.

* rough drafts: Same as last year, rough drafts will need to be submitted by both artists and writers.

* beta requests: A standard form will be used for authors/artists to fill out when requesting a beta; this is in place as it was last year.

* anon summaries: Story summaries will be posted anonymously when artists are given the opportunity to make their choices.

* PM's: Many of you liked that I PM'd you to let you know important things were happening i.e. during the last 3 Big Bangs I PM'd all the artists to let them know when story summaries were being posted and when they needed to claim them. I will of course do this again regularly throughout the Big Bang, where needed. But please help me too by limiting the number of times I need to do this: follow the community and print out/save the above timeline to help you remember important dates in the schedule!

* help, questions and support: As always, I'm here if you need anything, so please just ask; I'm more than happy to try and help where I can. If you don't tell me you've got a problem, I can't help you!

Good luck all and let's hope the 2013 Merlin Big Bang is as successful, if not more so, than the last 3 years! ♥
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